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How to Use the Wireless Charging Mat in Your New Land Rover and Range Rover Vehicles

Land Rover has been a leader when it comes to innovative automotive technology. Today, there are a number of Land Rover models that allow you to charge your devices wirelessly. By using the Qi Wireless Charging standard, you can start charging your device in seconds.

Which Land Rover vehicles offer wireless charging?

You can find smartphone wireless charging on several Land Rover models. Currently, the Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover, and Range Rover Sport offer an optional Cupholder Wireless Charger.

How does the wireless charger work?

Locate the Qi wireless charging mat which is housed in the center console. Place your Qi-supported device on the charging mat or in the cupholder smartphone cradle to charge your device wirelessly. The device will immediately begin the charging process. The wireless charging systems can supply up to 15W of power to your device. Once you have placed the smartphone on the charging pad, a battery charge indicator icon will appear on the infotainment screen.

What if the wireless charging mat is not charging the device?

If the charging mat is not charging the device, it could be one of two main issues. First, the device is not lying flat on the charging pad. Be sure to check for any obstructions or anything that could be preventing the device from lying flat on the pad. Second, check to see that the device is Qi compatible. If the device is not compatible, there will be an icon of a battery with a cross through the icon.

The benefits of a wireless charger

A wireless charger offers you a quick way to charge your device without having to look for the charging cord inside your vehicle. This also prevents your center console from any obstructions.

Learn more about the wireless charging option

If you would like to learn more about Land Rover's innovative wireless charging equipment, contact Land Rover Huntington in Huntington, NY today. Our Land Rover sales team will be able to show you how Land Rover's innovative technology makes it a leader in the luxury SUV world.


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