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How to Pair Your Phone with Land Rover's Touch Pro Duo System

Technology is making it easier than ever to stay connected when you are traveling on the roads of Huntington in your Land Rover. The infotainment system gets a serious upgrade when it comes to your smartphone capabilities. It is time to discover the Touch Pro Duo system from Land Rover. Find this distinctive infotainment system on your favorite model at Land Rover Huntington.

What is the Touch Pro Duo System?

The Touch Pro Duo infotainment system is a unique set up that provides two high-definition touchscreens to access all of your vital multimedia functions. A 10-inch touchscreen embedded in your dash console, next to your steering wheel, shows your navigation, Bluetooth and smartphone integration. It rises out of the dash to set at an angle for a clear view of your monitor. You can control your favorite apps, through the touchscreen.

The lower screen allows you to easily maneuver your way through your vehicle's climate control and seat temperature and position settings and even your media and phone if the upper screen is being used for navigation, parking cameras or another task. The Touch Pro Duo system makes accessing your Apple or Android device easy and convenient.

Linking You Device to the InControl Touch Pro Duo System

Connecting your device to your Land Rover couldn't be easier. Once you get into your Land Rover, turn on your vehicle.

  1. Tap the phone icon on your touchscreen
  2. From your phone's settings menu, search for Bluetooth devices
  3. Your vehicle's name will show up in your menu. For example: "Range Rover Velar"
  4. From there, you should see your phone or device name pop up on your touchscreen.
  5. Tap the screen to confirm the pairing, and you are on your way to enjoying your Land Rover's infotainment system. You now have access to all your favorite apps, playlists and even have the opportunity to send door-to-door directions from your phone to your Land Rover's navigation.

The Touch Pro Duo even allows more than one device to connect to the Bluetooth if you happen to let someone else borrow your vehicle or decide to yield your Bluetooth to a passenger. As many as ten devices can be paired at a time, but one phone and media player can be used simultaneously. The Touch Pro Duo system defaults to the most recent device connected to Bluetooth, so you may have to connect when you get back in afterward.

Feel free to customize the home screen for the Touch Pro Duo system to put all your most commonly used apps right in front of you. Keep your contacts, messaging, music, and navigation right in front of you at all times. You can move your icons and create a shortcut and widgets. As many as four new home screens can be created for everyone who gets the honor of driving your Land Rover around Huntington.

The Touch Pro Duo system takes your driving experience to another level of entertainment and convenience. Keep everything you need right within reach. Bring all your apps, contacts, and playlists to your touchscreen and link up your phone's Bluetooth to your Land Rover. The Touch Pro Duo is the easiest way to stay connected while cruising the streets of Huntington. It is just another way Land Rover Huntington is working to provide the latest technology to our dedicated customers. Talk with one of our trained associates to discover new ways to get the most out of your Land Rover's technology features.


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