Parking the Range Rover Evoque in Huntington is Easier with Park Assist

Parallel Parking in Huntington, NY can be a challenge. No one wants to risk a slight fender bender or door dings just to get closer to your destination. Fortunately, parking your Range Rover Evoque gets easy with new technology.

The Range Rover Evoque now comes with Park Assist, to help ease you into any space you feel determined to claim and takes the guesswork out of the entire process. As part of the Park Package available on the base-trim S, and standard on the SE and R-Dynamic trims, Park Assist simplifies the way you pull into a parallel or perpendicular parking spot by essentially doing it for you.

When you find the spot you like, activate your Park Assist through your touchscreen and select how you want to park. Its sensors, strategically located around the Evoque, measure the spot. Let go of the wheel, put it in reverse, and let your Evoque take over. Automatically, the Evoque will avoid any pedestrians, objects or any other surprises that may pop up. Perpendicular Park fits you into a space, 90-degrees to your Evoque. Parallel Park expertly slides you into the area of your choice with ease. When you complete your trip, put your Evoque into Parking Exit to safely maneuver out of the spot.

It is like Range Rover designed Park Assist feature specifically for Huntington drivers. It is ideal for cruising for a spot in your favorite shopping center. When you drop to 18 mph, Park Assist will scan for open spots that will fit your Range Rover Evoque. Never hit a curb or another car door, again. Activate Park Assist and spend less time squeezing into a tight spot. Let your Evoque handle your parking so you can get on with your day.

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