For Glen Cove drivers in search of a truly next-generation luxury SUV, look no further than the newly revealed Land Rover Defender. This all-new SUV marks the return of beloved off-road royalty, giving buyers and lessees in Glen Cove a flexible yet capable luxury vehicle that is just as much at home in the city as it is in the wild.

The new luxury SUV is built on a brand-new D7x body architecture that both lightweight and incredibly stiff, meaning that it is simultaneously able to unlock better performance and withstand the rigors of more challenging terrain scenarios. Permanent all-wheel-drive, a twin-speed automatic gearbox, center differential, and a configurable Terrain Response system augment the new body architecture, allowing you to go further than ever before.

Furthermore, you'll be able to retrofit the new Land Rover Defender with one of four accessory packs, the Explorer, Adventure, Country, and Urban packs. These packs can turn the Land Rover Defender into an SUV that blazes its own trails or one that enhances the comforts of your daily commute.

Speaking of comforts, the new Land Rover Defender will debut the company's brand new Pivi Pro infotainment system. Its touchscreen comes installed with streamlined and intuitive software that reduces the amount of driver input required to perform more frequently used tasks. Additionally, the system can update itself remotely courtesy of Software-Over-The-Air technology, eliminating the need to visit a dealership to get them.

The new Land Rover Defender will release sometime in Spring 2020, and we are taking orders right now. Contact us with any questions you have.

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