The 2020 Land Rover Defender is Coming Soon to North America

Land Rover has always been one of the most desired brands on the market. Few if any can match the unmistakable style, capability, luxury, and prestige the brand delivers. When you see a Land Rover, you turn your head because how could you not? A sharp exterior in addition to a unique look makes a statement.

If you're a Land Rover enthusiast, then get ready for what's coming in 2020-The Land Rover Defender.

Ongoing testing is currently being conducted, in a wide range of temperatures from -40?F-120?F, altitude 13,000 feet above sea level, as well as on and off-road terrain. The Land Rover Defender is subjected to a wide battery of tests to make sure it performs up to an expected standard.

The Land Rover Defender hasn’t been sold officially on American shores since 1997. With the 2020 debut, Land Rover put everything to the test to make this upcoming model something special. Land Rover has been tight-lipped about what's coming, but here are a few potential hints on what might be on the docket:

  • A New Tire Inflation System
  • Similar components to the Land Rover Discovery
  • Two wheelbase options
  • There may be a plug-in hybrid variant
  • Could possibly be a camper, lift out roof
  • New Instrument panel
  • More cameras
  • Advanced, next generation driver assistance system

Of course, we do not know for sure what will be available in the Land Rover Defender, but there are some exciting available perks and new addition rumors we've picked up on. We're sure to learn more as the release date gets closer, but for now, we are blissfully sitting back in anticipation here at Land Rover Huntington. We encourage you to sign up for new details, so you can learn more as we know.

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