Elite Off-Road Capability and Performance? Introducing the 2019 Range Rover

Land Rover has always been the pinnacle of off-road capability and luxury, especially with the 2019 Range Rover. This excellent model is an SUV with a high-powered engine lineup, spacious seating, tons of features, and plug-in hybrid availability. With the 2019 Range Rover, you'll find everything you could need in an SUV.

Performance of the 2019 Range Rover

An all-aluminum chassis helps the Range Rover be both tough, and incredibly light for its durability. The rigidity helps keep a strong frame, while still enabling a light enough body to perform. All-wheel drive helps promote the off-roading prowess. Further, a terrain response® 2 system with seven available modes adapts the response to your vehicle's engine. Even water doesn’t inhibit the Range Rover, with an incredible wading depth of up to 35.4 inches; your Range Rover isn’t limited in any sort capacity by what lies beneath it.

Furthermore, performance is assisted by an electronic air suspension that changes your vehicle's height for a composed drive. How about cruise control off the road? With All-Terrain Progress Control, your Range Rover maintains a set speed even in difficult conditions from 1-18mph, letting you fully focus on the road ahead.

Optional Dynamic Response improves your Range Rover's handling with hydraulic roll control, which helps reduce body roll and provides rear and front axle independence. High-speed stability, low-speed agility, and precise steering all set the Range Rover apart.

The Range Rover promotes sustainable performance. An intelligent stop/start system reduces C02 emissions, limiting fuel consumption. Even the frame of the Range Rover has sustainable elements in it, as 85 percent of the Range Rover is recyclable.

Our dealership at Land Rover Huntington is thrilled to deliver the 2019 Range Rover to our communities. Exceptional capability, sustainability, and dynamic performance are incorporated into luxury.

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