Drone-Equipped Land Rover Discovery SUV Saves Lives

Land Rover is a brand that works hard to do its part to serve the community, and that's why it paired up with the Austrian Red Cross for Project Hero. The outcome of this pairing was a fully-stocked Land Rover Discovery SUV that is ready and capable to help those suffering from natural disasters.

After approximately 18 months since this partnership began, as of October 2018, Project Hero is ready. The elected Land Rover SUV is uniquely-equipped to serve as an Austrian emergency vehicle by deploying a drone to seek out individuals in search-and-rescue missions.

  • The biggest asset is the eight-rotor drone, or eye in the sky feature, that functions off thermal imaging. This level of imaging can spot a vehicle from a little more than half a mile away and a distressed person from 440 meters.
  • Those inside the Discovery receive coordinates on a live video feed and can then use the touchscreen computer to pinpoint the precise location of the vehicle or person who needs help by instructing the drone lock in on the location.
  • The search-and-rescue teams remain connected with one another by utilizing the SUV's equipment in its rear Command Center like the satellite phone, multiple radio antennas and two Wi-Fi mobile hotspots.
  • The Land Rover Discovery, like all emergency vehicles, will be easy to spot by its emergency blue lights and spotlights resonating from the front bumper and roof rack where the drone takes off from and returns.

The Land Rover Discovery SUV is equipped with everything it needs to aid Red Cross rescue crews in saving the lives of those who become lost or injured during unpredictable natural disasters or in the broad wilderness areas. If you're interested in checking out a vehicle like the Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover Sport, we offer the full Land Rover lineup in Huntington, NY.

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