Jaguar Land Rover Sponsors the 2018 Invictus Games in Sydney

The Invictus Games have long been supported by a partnership with Jaguar Land Rover. This international sporting event gives armed service individuals, who've been sick, wounded or injured in battle, the opportunity to conquer adversity to compete in a series of sporting competitions on a global scale.

The word Invictus, with Latin origins, translates to mean unconquerable or undefeated. This word is perfectly fitting for the meaning behind this seven-day event. The Duke of Sussex and founder of the games, Prince Harry, recognized the participants for their determination and the uniquely inspirational story that accompanied each one who trained to be a part of this worldwide competition.

The 2018 games were held in Sydney and all sporting events occurred during a seven-day period in October. Starting on Saturday, October 20th, each day comprised various competitions such as sailing and wheelchair tennis. Here are a couple of 2018 Invictus Games highlights:

  • Military participants gathered from 18 countries scattered throughout the world including the United States, Poland, United Kingdom, Estonia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Ukraine, and, of course, the event's host nation: Australia.
  • There was a wide-ranging list of events that evoked different talents like archery, wheelchair basketball and rugby, swimming, powerlifting, sitting volleyball, indoor rowing and road cycling. Winners of each category walked away with gold medals.
  • As an event sponsor, one of the first events was the Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge that featured the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE. Two Frenchman seized the gold medal by using their reactive driving skills to succeed in this challenge.
  • The theme of the Invictus Games is to highlight veterans who are recovering or in rehabilitation for the mental and physical injuries they sustained from their time of serving their nations. This event is a place to witness incredible human capability and be inspired by the unceasing strength and hope for the future.

It's events like the Invictus Games that unite our world and stand as an example of what cross-country friendship and encouragement. Crafting long-lasting, excellent vehicles like the Range Rover isn't the only thing Land Rover does; it will also continue to stay committed to the veteran community through the annual Invictus Games.

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