Land Rover Vehicle Appears in Hulu's "The First" Original Drama Series

Hulu is the host to a variety of television shows covering the genres of drama, family friendly, comedy, romance, action, and suspense. One of its newest original series is called "The First." Hulu began streaming this sci-fi drama series back in September, and it portrays the story of a group of astronauts trying to become the first people to land on Mars and all the struggles they endure in the process. How does Land Rover play a role in this television show? A custom-made Range Rover Sport makes an appearance!

Since "The First" is a futuristic drama, any vehicles driven need to exude a look of sophistication and sport a forward-thinking design. The Brand Experience Director of Jaguar Land Rover worked with the professionals at Westward Productions and Hulu to assemble a Range Rover Sport that looked like it could belong to the year 2030. The vehicle's design was altered to incorporate future-centric features to accomplish this task.

  • In the show, the Range Rover Sport is fully electric with a suspension system that adapts to its driver's desire for performance.
  • The exterior of the Range Rover Sport exhibits a privacy glass texture that wraps around the entire SUV to enhance reflectivity and transparency.
  • The SUV features independent driving competences and sophisticated amenities like a retractable steering wheel and 360-degree sensor to monitor on-road activity.

Hulu plans to use this re-designed, future-forward Range Rover Sport throughout the sci-fi drama series. One of the main characters, Laz Ingram (portrayed by Natascha McElhone), drives this model. You can catch up on the episodes of "The First" by streaming it on Hulu today. If, instead, you're interested in checking out the classic-looking Range Rover Sport for yourself, contact one of our Land Rover Huntington specialists near you!

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