Head Home for the Holidays in the Range Rover Velar

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and another Holiday Season is officially upon us. After taking in enough food and conversation to make you burst, you will head back home telling your friends and family that you’ll see them in a few weeks for that glorious stretch form the First Night of Hanukkah, through Christmas Day to the New Year. But the next time you head home for the Holidays, make an even better entrance and arrive in a new Range Rover Velar.

The Range Rover Velar is our latest addition to the Land Rover Family bringing with it its own level of style, luxury, and performance. Imagine illuminating Grandma’s driveway with the Velar’s sharp, powerful LED lights while the kids sit in the back seats entranced by the available two-screen rear entertainment system, while you and your spouse softly play your favorite Christmas music through the InControl® infotainment system. Thanks to the Velar’s performance improvements like its torque vectoring, and adaptive dynamics, the long drive is smoother and more relaxed, which is good because of all the possibly-fragile presents packed in the spacious cargo space.

Now, yes, going home for the holidays is always a wonderful trip in any vehicle, but there’s something about the Range Rover Velar that would make the trip that much better. For more information on the Range Rover Velar, please feel free to reach out to us directly either by email or over the phone.

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